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• Clients do not have to convert data from one payroll program to another. • Clients maintain control over payroll, payroll cycles, deadlines and data. Department of Justice Division of Child Support office lobbies are now open to the public from 8 a.m. Please feel free to share the above information with your employees. The Wyoming Child Support Program is pleased to announce that the rest of our offices are reopening to the public! Please refer to the website for more information.

In response to Emergency Directive 017, FSWG will suspend most Nevada writs until further notice. Since this directive does not apply to support or criminal restitution, orders that have a case ID that begins with A (district court restitution orders) and D (divorce proceedings) will remain active. If a Nevada Constable receives a payment for a lien that has been stayed, they will return the payment to ADP and we, in turn, will return the funds to the employer.

  1. Verify if there is Exception Document lien type available in the lien type filter in the Documents tab.
  2. Please continue to send orders, releases and payments to ADP per your normal procedures.
  3. New orders will be issued if and when the employer needs to resume withholding in the future.
  4. In most cases, the creditor must first win a lawsuit against the debtor before initiating a garnishment.
  5. You can find the email address for the tax area you need at
  6. People who owe taxes or defaulted on their student loans may be subject to wage garnishment without a court order.

From initiating, managing and viewing SRs in real time to learning about Smartcompliance, here’s what to look for in the new experience. • Project plans assign the appropriate resources to complete implementation in a timely manner. • Project plans are customized to fit the unique characteristics of each client’s project and the services that are being implemented. The reinstatement letter will be set up as a new order based on the date of the letter.

• ADP handles lien processing, disbursements and notice management that are specific to each jurisdiction and lien type. • You can contact your ADP Account Manager and use the SmartCompliance Portal for assistance. • Your employees can call our Solution Center for help, and get online information from and the ADP Mobile Solutions app.

End-to-End Service

All child support payments are made through the Kansas Payment Center . Payments can be mailed to the Kansas Payment Center, PO Box , Topeka, KS or can be made online by visiting the KPC website. To view payment history or to check if a specific payment has been received, processed, or distributed please visit the KPC Website or call .

The Agency does not anticipate a delay in the processing of any child support payments received due to the coronavirus. We are pending updates on how they will handle payments received during the suspension period and how they plan to notify employers to resume withholdings. FSWG is proactively completing liens and will code them as “permanent suspension.” Please continue to send in suspension notices as received to ensure we suspend all orders. When notified of an order to garnish wages, an employer is legally obligated to make the appropriate deductions from an employee’s salary and direct payments to a designated agency or creditor. Some states will even offer reimbursement to employers for incurring the administrative burden of dealing with wage garnishments. Reading up on your state’s laws about processing fees or reimbursement and contacting your payroll partners are good moves when first receiving a wage garnishment notice.

Help Center

The Department of Social Services has suspended in-person visits to our field offices as a protective measure for customers and staff. Borrowers should contact the agency directly if they need to claim hardship. The Department must rely on employers to make the change to borrowers’ paychecks, so it will monitor employers’ compliance with the request to stop wage garnishment. Borrowers whose wages continue to be garnished after March 13 should contact their employers’ human resources department. Employers are typically notified of a wage garnishment via a court order or IRS levy.

April 2023

Concurrently, an employer should notify their HR and/or payroll departments so they can start the wage garnishment process and ensure that payments are sent to the appropriate agency or creditor . Taking these actions protects the business from any legal repercussions for failing to respond to the order. Many IV-D Child Support Offices across the state are reopening their office lobbies to customers.

This change makes it easier than ever to review, address, and track documents that ADP has identified as requiring action for your company. We can now complete your National Medical Support Notices from state child support agencies as part of your current New Lien Processing services subscription. For more information, you can visit the DOE’s Student Aid site. Customers are no longer required to wear a mask while indoors, but are asked to affirm whether or not they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

Court, Agency and Other Garnishing Organization Updates in Response to COVID-19

Any payments received during the suspension period will be returned to the employer. They are unclear, at this time, how they will communicate to restart collections at the end of the suspension period. FSWG is proactively completing liens issued by Pioneer and will code them as “permanent suspension.” Please continue to send in suspension notices as received to ensure we suspend all orders. Pioneer, a collector for student loan guaranty agencies, has issued individual notices of suspension.

The Attorney General’s office, who files liens on behalf of the Ohio Department of Taxation, stated that other than working remotely, it is business as usual for them in Ohio. Per the Deputy Attorney General, the Division is temporarily ceasing issuing new Wage Executions for an unknown length of time. If there is a COVID related issue, and the employee calls into the office, then those will be handled on a case by case basis. Garnishments with payments going to the MS DES that were previously stayed are being restarted.

For more information on COVID-19 impact, please see the frequently asked questions. Please refer to the agency website for more information or call the automated line at or for updates on case payments and other general information. FSWG is proactively completing liens issued by Premier Credit and will code them as “permanent suspension.” Please continue to send in suspension notices as received to ensure we suspend all orders. Premier Credit, a collector for student loan guaranty agencies, has issued notices of suspension.

The agency has shared that they have not received any instructions to suspend current garnishment activities. However, they are working with claimants on a case by case basis. When calling the phone number listed on the garnishment form, there is the message that service centers are closed to the public and phone assistance is limited. If one of your employees contacts ADP, FSWG will stop the levy if a release is in hand or when the balance has been paid in full.

Refer to the agency webpage for information on guidelines, hours, and appointments. Taxpayers can also submit questions online at On March 18, 2020, the state of Georgia issued a state of emergency order prohibiting the filing of new writ of garnishments. The garnishment stay began on March 14, 2020 and was subsequently extended to July 14, 2020. We have an online payment service called iPayOnline in which individuals can make payments without having to drive to an office and make a physical payment. Our Customer Service Unit is available to assist , 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday.

At this time, the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Guam is closed to the public, but still offering limited services. Based on measures that we have taken adp garnishment phone number to protect our employees, consumers and community, we strongly encourage consumers to email to communicate with our office. No changes at this time to child support processing and payments.

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